Ron Goosens, Low Budget Stuntman

Although already my 4th collab with Steffen & Flip, yet again, a whole different approach visually. Ron, Ron, Ron, that was the rule. Where Ron is, the camera is. It was our goal to see how the camera and Ron could become the same in spirit at some times during the movie. We chose an extremely wide aspect ratio of 1:2.66 to emphasize the soft and bending fall off of the lenses. And allthough our first films were mostly flowing with fixed frames and dolly movement, this one has a lot of handheld work. That, combined with the anamorphic character of the Lomo lenses, helped us shape the way Ron Goosens sees the world. More on this film in this interview I did for the NSC

Directors: Steffen Haars & Flip van der Kuil

Producer: Kaap Holland Film (2016)

Shot on Alexa Mini with Lomo anamorphic lenses