New Kids Nitro

One year after New Kids Turbo we got to make New Kids Nitro. This time, it was Maaskantje against Schijndel. And that means action to the max. Street racing, exploding gas stations and machine gun battling with zombies, we’ve done it all! This film was so action packed that nearly every day we had the SFX and or stunt team on set. the Wiessenhaan and De Beukelaer family’s made all this action and SFX happen for a realtively small budget, which was an amazing effort. Since the Arri Alexa wasn’t availble in large amounts yet in our country during our production, we decided to shoot on the red one for the film. The beautiful and expressive grading of Laurens Oreij definitely makes it stick.

Directors: Steffen Haars & Flip van der Kuil

Producer: Kaap Holland Film (2011)

Shot on Red One MX with¬†Angenieux optimo’s 15-40 & 30-80, Cooke Mini S4’s