Het Irritante Eiland

Again, working with Albert Jan van Rees is so much fun. Here we created an island where everyone is very annoying, except for one child. For this fairytale like story I wanted to create something special. Together with Camalot we worked on a lens system with a big wide front glass in front of a standard lens. A bit like the Deakinizer that Roger Deakins used for The assasination of Jesse James. It creates an ultra wide, soft and dreamy effect on the edges of the frame and puts focus into the center. For me, it was exactly what I was looking for to achieve a fairytale like visual, without embracing all the fairytale conventions that did not fit this particular story. Combined with some beautiful grading work by Joppo, this is the result I was hoping for.

Director: Albert Jan van Rees

Producer: Nuts & Bolts (2019)

¬†Shot on Arri Alexa Mini with¬†Cooke Mini S4’s combined with 8mm canon front glass