El Houb

A beautiful and delicate feature by Shariff Nasr about Karim, who is trying to tell his parents the secret he has been living with for years. We decided to be very close to Karim with the camera, feeling his every move. Together with gaffer Nicolas Burrough, we decided the film was a lot about shadows. Karim was living a life in the shadows and we were determined to let that play out in the way we lit the scenes. But we didn’t want it to become a dark and depressing story, so we chose the presence of color to represent hope and lightness. Apart from all the in camera visuals, flashbacks and intense scenes in a closet that makes this the best job in the world,  this was one of the most rewarding and important films i’ve worked on in my career. 

Director: Shariff Nasr

Producer: Bind Film

Shot on Arri Alexa Mini & Canon K352019